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Morton Boats specializes in marine composites, marine paint, marine electrical and other boat building materials necessary for boat manufacturing.


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WEST SYSTEM® epoxy is a versatile, 2-part, marine-grade epoxy that bonds and coats fiberglass, wood, metal, fabrics and other composite materials to provide superior strength and moisture resistance.

Whether you are building a strip canoe, kayak, kit boat or super yacht WEST SYSTEM® epoxy is the professionals first choice. It is also a first choice for fiberglass boats, aluminum boats, plastic or wooden boats of all shapes and sizes.

Since 1971, West System has been a leader in developing marine-grade epoxy used in boat building around the world. In-house chemists formulate their products for excellent handling characteristics, superior strength and water resistance to withstand even the harshest ocean environments. For further questions OR requirements, please contact us on or call 01522 868689 

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 For most applications we offer two types of Hempel coating systems to choose from - a Single Pack (Conventional) and a Two Pack (High Performance) system.

It is very important to choose the system which will best suit your requirements and a little time spent before starting could save you a costly mistake.
You should consider the following before making your choice:

Any existing coating
A two pack product should only overcoat another two pack system, whereas a single pack product can overcoat either a two pack or a single pack system.
If you decide to change from a single pack to a two pack system you should remove the single pack system first to avoid any risk of incompatibility

Substrate construction & flexibility
In general two pack systems should only be used on structures where substrate movement is minimal. It is not advisable to put a two pack system on to carvel or clinker built wooden hulls as they require the benefits of the greater flexibility of a single pack system.

Experience of applicator
A two pack paint needs to be mixed thoroughly before use and can then be applied in exactly the same way as single pack paint, giving consideration to the more critical temperature and overcoating times.

Usage & Durability
What usage is the finished surface going to be put to? A two pack finish will withstand a good deal more wear and tear than a single pack.

Length of service
A two pack finish will last, on average, twice as long as a single pack finish.

For more information please contact us at or on 01522 868689

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International is Europe’s leading supplier of boat paint maintenance solutions to help protect, beautify and improve your boat’s performance. By using our boat paint solutions, including antifouling, boat primers, yacht varnish & more, we can not only help protect your boat, but also the environment. If you are painting a boat and need help and advice, then ask our experts who are knowledgeable in all aspects of how to paint a boat to ensure that you protect your boat with confidence. Contact us at or on 01522 868689

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Gelcoat Repairs and systems



 "Blue Gee"

Fibreglass epoxy repair system with associated colour match.


"Plastic Padding"

A Range of systems that covers Gell-coat repairs, Fibre-Glass Resin, Glass-Weave Tape, Chop-Strand Matt, Glass-Weave Sheets and compound fillers.

Our Workshop is also equipt to handle repairs and projects with such systems:

Click to see our repairs department:

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Boat Care

We stock a large range of boat care products with examples outlined below.

They form part of a complete Boat-care system dealing with maintenance, cleaning, proofing and repairs.

    G3 Rubbing Compound

Starbright Sail & Canvas Cleaner and associated cleaners.


     International Polywax and associated products


Renovo Canvas Restorer, Cleaner and Protector


Please contact us at the shop to discus your Boat-Care requirements at or on 01522 868689


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